Wednesday, August 19, 2015


This was first printed on Nov. 20, 2008.  It was true back then, and it is even more true today seven years later.  Many of you have never read this post, so I thought I would repost the main body of work, written by my Jewish friend Chana.

I have titled my post ... "Perfect" ... because as we look back upon America after seven years of the Obama administration, we see just how "right" Chana was.  She entitled her post ... "Aggressive, Disruptive and Apocalyptic."

See if this statement has been fulfilled by the leader of this country ...

"Once a society is corrupted, a man comes along who embodies everything wrong with it, to crush and destroy it."

Chana wrote ...

Cardinal James Francis Stafford is completely right in his assessment of Barack Hussein Obama.

Calling him "aggressive, disruptive and apocalyptic" he speaks of Obama's "clenched jaw," "his sapping operations against the city" and points to his mission statement that, "We are not only going to win this election, but also we are going to transform this nation. The first thing I will to do as President is to sign the freedom of choice act. I put Roe at the center of my lesson plan on reproductive freedom when I taught constitutional law. I don't want my daughters punished with a pregnancy. On this issue I will not yield."

Cardinal Stafford talks of how Obama speaks of the killing of his own grandchildren to prevent what he calls a "punishment" to his daughters. Horrifying!

But here is something that is not only found in Obama's thinking but in the thinking of the entire pro-abortion world … that children are somehow a punishment. Again, the world finds itself in complete opposition to its maker who calls children a "blessing." No, they say, it is a punishment, an inconvenience to be gotten rid of because of selfishness.

How can you call it selfishness? Because most abortions are done not to save anyone's life but to kill off a life that the host finds inconvenient. They are willing to destroy another life in order to make their own life somehow better. This is the basis of all murder isn't it?

When the perpetrator kills someone for their insurance, or because they wish to steal something from them say in commission of a robbery, or when they kill for hatred it is selfishness at the heart of the murder. Certainly Kayin (Cain) murdered his brother because of selfishness and greed. In finding himself not on a par with Hevel (Able) he grew jealous and was greedy for the good reputation his brother had. His brother, in Kayin's eyes , stood in the way of those things and so he got rid of him because Hevel was inconvenient to Kayin's life.

It's not a good time to have a baby, it's too expensive, it's too much of an inconvenience right now. Awful, but we are in the midst of a generation who thinks these are actual valid reasons … so far from G-d are they.

No one's life is in danger in the vast majority of these cruel and bloody operations as the pro-abortion crowd wants you to think here. They cloud over the issue that the most common reason for abortion is because the mother finds the child inconvenient to her life right then. She doesn't want to be "punished" with a child.

Hiring a hit man does not keep your hands clean of murder, however. If you pay for the job the blood is on your hands as well and as a nation which has encouraged the on going destruction of human life the US and other nations are covered in … no wading in … blood up to their waist.

48 million dead children … want to talk about holocaust? There it is right there and no end in sight and that's just in the United States!!

Is the economy going to hell in a hand cart? Are you dissatisfied with the politics of the land and the way things are going?

You cannot break the law, you cannot fly in the face of your Creator and have your own way and still receive blessings. You just cannot. Those blessings will be taken from you until you repent.

Men have had a lowering of testosterone for just a bit over 30 years now … count back. Roe vs. Wade was Jan. 1973.

Infertility has become a huge major problem in the United States and has hit its present state of emergency really for about 30 years … count back again.

With the advent of Roe V Wade the fertility numbers in the US have declined. No one tells young women who decide on abortion that infertility is often a direct result of abortion.

Dartmouth College found that a re-criminalization of abortion would lead to an additional 320,000 births per year in the US and they say this as though it's a horrific thing.

Yet in both the US and Europe the declining birth rates are leading to the complete loss of certain national groups.

If you do not have 4 children you have not replaced yourself on earth and eventually if everyone limited themselves to 2 or less children the population will die out. But, 320,000 more births are looked at as horrific in the eyes of those who find children a punishment.

What Goes Around Comes Around?

We live in the McDonald's fast food age. People get angry if the internet takes 20 seconds more than they are willing to wait. Impatience has been bred by quickie service and quickie solutions.

Sacrifice is a thing of the past. We are told that in order to "have a life" you must be "free" of encumberments. If you have problems you don't have a "life". If you have kids you don't have a "life".


"Oh, I can't wait till my kids are grown up so I can have a 'life'" people say. Do you note here that they don't know what life really is?!! When G-d is not number one on your agenda, you cannot understand the meaning and purpose of life and certainly G-d is being pushed out of American life to the extent that his name is anathema in public and "Life" has been redefined as good times and getting things, having things, stuff etc.

Churches and Synagogues are empty on weekends while your local Home Depot and Malls are packed to capacity. There is where the heart of the nation can be found.

Because this is the mind set of the majority of Americans, America has been given a president elect who reflects just those very attitudes.  He is the perfect man for America today.

Black American's have more abortions than other groups … he is perfect for them.

He is a child of iffy circumstances and marital problems. His mother married a bigamist or polygamist and divorced several times … perfect again for America.

He took drugs and is proud of it … perfect for most Americans of the newer generations.

He thinks children are a punishment to endure … perfect again. Right on the money for the "I don't like to commit / I don't really want kids / too many kids" kind of people.

His money attitudes are perfect also for a generation which views work as "not having a life" and for a generation that left G-d in the dust behind them and needs to seek fulfillment in various feel good activities to make them feel good about themselves.

He is man of little accomplishment who has big ideas about himself … perfect again. He sacrificed little but expects much in return.

Cardinal Stafford is right. This is a nation that is already divided. Some are weeping constantly at the sin and filth they see taking over in all areas of life. They are sighing and crying over it.

Then there are those who rejoice that things will change even more to accommodate their sin and their selfishness.

We are indeed past the crossroads and well into the punishment phase of our national existence. Only those who pull out of it and continue to cry over the devastation of life will survive. There is a reckoning coming … "mida keneged mida" ... what goes around comes around.

And the handwriting is already on the wall. Obama and our disquieting array of politicians are our punishment for our attitudes and beliefs which are so far off the mark.

It is all well and good to find fault with Mr. Obama but he is simply a product of what the nation is or has become. Until people change, things won't either.


Chana ... you were right back then, and you are still right today.  America needs God.

Thank you my friend for all your help over the years.  God bless ...

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